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48RE Transmission Stage 4 1,000HP+ w/ Sonnax Oversized Input Shaft

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Core Charge: +$2000
  • GPZ or equivalent Clutches, New kolene steels
  • Power-packed overdrive with custom pressure plate
  • TCS Billet direct drum with powerpack
  • TCS super servo, Billet band strut, Billet wedge
  • Billet Accumulator
  • Billet 4.2 lever
  • Sonnax or equivalent Billet Input shaft “OVERSIZED”
  • HD Billet triple disk Torque converter, custom stalls
  • Ridged 2ng gear band
  • H/D direct drum piston
  • Borg Warner Governor pressure solenoid
  • High pressure transducer
  • HD Cast aluminum deep pan
  • Billet maraging intermediate shaft
  • Big daddy output shaft
  • Custom high pressure valve body
  • PTFE coated thrust washers
  • Add full manual valve body +$399 includes billet reverse

    This is the same transmission as in our 2000hp Daily Driver
    2006 9.4 @150.77 second 7640lb Dually, also backing up
    Master Shredder and propelling it into a 8.8 second ¼ mile
    run @157mph during the UCC.

    And same internals as our record shattering run in the
    Industrial Injection drag truck weighing in at 5445 pounds
    on leafs running 8.07 @180mph during the UCC.
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