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47/48RE FAQs

Q: Is there tuning for the 47 or 48RE?

No there is not. While the valve body is electronically controlled, there are no parameters that can be changed via software.

Q: Is there a re-learn procedure for the 47 or 48RE?

There is no re-learn procedure for these transmissions; however- you must let the transmission properly break in before feeding 'er the onion. We recommend a 500 mile break in - with a mix of city and highway driving that will let the clutches bed in properly. No towing before 500 miles.

Q: Can I put a Full Manual Valve Body (FMVB) into my stage 1 or 2?

This is not recommended. FMVB's are meant for drivers who are using their trucks for more performance based scenarios, such as Dyno, Drag Racing, Etc) With the increased line pressure our FMVB's create, having one installed in a stock/stage 1 may result in a broken input shaft- if not billet.