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General FAQs

Q: What ATF do you recommend?

For any transmission, we recommend any ATF+4 that meets or exceeds OEM Specifications. For Aisin transmissions, we only recommend Mopar ASRC Fluid. We carry both approved fluids in stock.

We do not recommend Amsoil, as this can cause issues with the friction materials.

Q: How long does it take to get a transmission built?

The lead time on transmissions vary. We work hard to get your transmission built and out the door as soon as possible, but due to our demand, it might take a couple weeks. For current lead time, please call one of our sales associates.

Q: How many miles for break-in and what are the fluid change/service intervals?

500 break-in with 30k Service intervals. Do not tow before the 500 mile break-in. We do offer Service Kits; which are available on our website.

Q: Is it ok to keep driving with the check engine light on?

It is never recommended to keep driving please get to a shop for diag.

Q: What is the fill procedure?

2 qts in converter 8 in transmission start truck wait 10 seconds shut off add 8 more start truck and engage reverse for 5 sec the drive for 5 sec start check and setting level.