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General FAQs

Q: Is Randy a real person?

He exists in our hearts and minds; kinda like Santa Claus; but with a twisted sense of humor - and doesn't leave gifts under your tree. He might be real. Nobody knows; it's a mystery.

Q: What is your current lead time?

For up to date lead times on transmission builds, call our sales team. For parts/diy kits/valve bodies: The turnaround time is normally 1-3 days; standalone parts that do not require to be built can normally ship same day - as long as orders are in by 4p Mountain Time.

Q: Do you offer military/veteran discounts?

We will offer special promotion prices for active duty and veteran military personnel on transmissions only. Promotions vary depending on the transmission. Please call our sales team for information.

Q: How do you come up with your product names and memes?

It's simple: Un-treated childhood trauma (tm).

Q: What ATF do you recommend?

For any transmission, we recommend any ATF+4 that meets or exceeds OEM Specifications. For Aisin transmissions, we only recommend Mopar ASRC Fluid or Mobil 3309. We carry both approved fluids in stock.

We do not recommend Amsoil, as this can cause issues with the friction materials.

Q: How do I return my core / How long for my core refund?

Once your new transmission is installed, you need to ship your core back in the tote/crate it was shipped in. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE DRAINED YOUR TRANSMISSION AND CONVERTER. Plug any inlets/outlets so any residual fluid does not escape. Once the transmission is ready for pickup, call our sales team. They will email you a Bill Of Lading (BOL) Print out a copy for your records and one for the driver. A truck will be dispatched to your location within a day or two. Once the transmission arrives back at our Utah facility, we will go over it and submit it for refund. Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing. Your core refund will be sent back via certified letter will be sent to your address on file. PLEASE NOTE: IF WE DEEM THERE IS EXCESSIVE TRANSMISSION FLUID IN THE SHIPPING CONTAINER, A CLEANING FEE OF $150 WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM YOUR REFUND.

Q: How many miles for break-in and what are the fluid change/service intervals?

500 break-in with 30k Service intervals. Do not tow before the 500 mile break-in. We do offer Service Kits; which are available on our website.

Q: Is it ok to keep driving with the check engine light on?

It is never recommended to keep driving; please get to a shop for diag.

Q: What is the transmission fill procedure?

2 quarts in converter, 8 in transmission. Start truck, wait 10 seconds and then shut off. Add 8 more quarts, start truck and engage reverse for 5 seconds- followed by drive for 5 seconds. Once fluid is in the safe level, you are able to test drive- granted that any additional steps have been taken. See your specific transmission FAQ for any additional steps before driving.