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Q:Does the built 68 require tuning and what are the specs?

Yes, it does- on anything Stage 1 and above. We require 225 above 30% throttle, 100 psi resting, low / reverse sprag hold out. In addition to the previous specs, 2019 and newer trucks need to have the 'underdrive pulse test' turned off.

Q: What are the torque specs for installing the babymaker valve body into the transmission case?

105 in lbs.

Q: Can I tow in 6th gear?

Even if your transmission is built, you should not be towing in 6th; as it is not strong enough. It is advisable to lock 6th out and let it only reach 5th.

Q: If I have a Switch On The Fly (SOTF) Tune, Do I need to let the transmission re-learn again?

Any time that you switch power levels, it is effectively wiping the memory in the TCM and the transmission needs to learn again. Try to avoid full throttle/heavy accels for approx 50 miles. Not doing so can affect the longevity of your transmission.

Q: How do I perform a 'Quick Learn' on my 68RFE after I install it?

If you have a scan tool, you should be able to perform the relearn procedure. If you are unable to perform this, please have the vehicle towed to your nearest dealership to have this performed.

Transmission can not be warrantied unless this procedure has been performed.

Q: When I install a valve body or update my TCM tuning, do I need to perform a relearn?

Just like the previous question, yes you do. You should be able to perform a relearn with a scan tool. If you are unable to perform this, please have the vehicle towed to your nearest dealership or shop to have this performed.

Q: After installing my 68RFE, the shift selector on my dash is yellow or flashing. How do I fix this?

Check to make sure your shift linkage is installed correctly and make sure all electrical connections are secure.

Q: What is the fill procedure?

Before installing the torque converter, you need to add 2 quarts into it. Once the transmission is fully installed, and BEFORE STARTING, add 8 quarts via the dipstick tube. From there, you may start the truck wait 10 seconds, shut off, add 8 more quarts, start truck and engage reverse for 5 seconds, then drive for 5 seconds. At this point you can begin checking the level.

Q: Will the babymaker fix my ratio codes?

No it will not. The transmission is hurt and will need to be rebuilt.

Q: Does the Babymaker 1000 or 2000 require a gasket for installation?

No, it does not.

Q: Can I install your XHD Series Quad Disc Converter into my Stage 1 or 2 Transmission?

The XHD Series converter is meant for people looking to get the most out of their truck; and the byproduct of this is a more aggressive lockup. In theory, yes- you could install one in your stage 2 build; but is not recommended. You will find the lockup is too harsh for your daily driving habits. If installed into a stage 1 or stock unit, you will break your OEM input shaft.

Q: What does the 'Juice Box' Thermal Bypass do?

The 'Juice Box' is a thermostat bypass for your transmission; effectively letting your transmission fluid cycle in an open loop; thus keeping fluids up to 20 degrees or more cooler and extending the life of your unit. The Juice Box is available for 2013 - 2018 68RFE and Aisin Transmissions. For 2019+ models, we also have a thermal bypass available; which does the same thing- and is available on our website for purchase