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Shipping And Core Policy Terms

Freight cost on shipping Transmissions is currently $500.00 to the lower 48 states but Randy’s Transmissions reserves the right to raise prices according to “going rates”. Freight costs are to cover shipping of the built unit and the return core. Cores must be return within 2 weeks of receiving the new transmission.

All cores are inspected for damage such as broken cases, broken shafts, excessive hard part failure. Randy’s Transmissions will deduct the cost of these replacement parts from the core money. Prices are based on replacement costs only. We are not interested in making money on broken parts only returning cores to a buildable state.

Whenever Possible Randy’s Transmissions will supply a core return tag for parts that have core charges associated with them. Return shipping costs are factored into the final shipping costs on your invoice. Parts cores are expected to be returned within 10 days. Do not just assume that if your part is damaged that you will not receive a core return. Many parts are expected to have damage and are returned to the manufacturer as such.

Core Refunds

All cores are payed out as soon as possible. All cores will be inspected before a refund will be issued. Checks are written by an outside accounting company and are typically done once a month as per the accounting company’s policy.