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Aisin FAQs

Q: Does your Aisin build make the transmission shift faster?

Unfortunately, due to the encryption in the TCM, we are unable to modify shift points for the Aisin transmissions. Our shifts will be firmer and with a stronger lock up, but shift timing can not be improved.

Q: What ATF do you recommend for the Aisin?

We recommend the Mopar ASRC fluid or Mobil 3309 ATF. You can obtain the fluid and filters here on our website, under 'Service Kits'.

Q: Can I swap an Aisin into my 68RFE truck?

This is a loaded question. While the answer is technically no, it can be done. However, it requires a tremendous amount of work. You would have to source a donor truck that had an Aisin, extract the full harness, ecm, tcm, transfer case, etc. This is a big undertaking and a job that we will not perform.

Q:Does the Aisin require a transmission re-learn?

Yes, it does. Using a scan tool (not a code reader), you should be able to perform this function. Not doing this will create very harsh engagement and a very sluggish truck. That is because the TCM is going off the previous clutch values from your stock unit - and does not know what to do with the new information. If you are unable to perform this function, please have your truck towed to a shop or dealership that can take care of this for you.