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Established in 2008, Randy’s transmissions came to life out of necessity and with a vision of a shop that offered the highest quality product and unsurpassed customer service. That is the foundation it started with and is in the heart of everyone that is part of the team today.

We strive for excellence and to stay up to date with new break throughs in the industry working alongside the most brilliant minds and spending countless hours on R&D. This has given us the ability to deliver the most bang for your buck and the highest quality product that you can have confidence in.

Every shop has hurdles they go through as they continue to grow and we aren’t the exception to that. We continue to expand our team and facility to meet the needs of our growing customer base and will continue to make things better. Every year we do everything we can to keep lead times down and the overwhelming support from our customers continue to bring in more work that we expected.

"We had a customer that lives in Phoenix lose a transmission on a new rebuild, that's not something that happens to us very often. But it does happen. I get that everyone is terrified to talk about such things, but I tell it how it is — I believe in being real, I have nothing to hide. So last night about 10pm, I drove through the night on a 12 hour drive to get the customer taken care of. If you can't stand with your customers how can you expect them to stand with you?"
~Randy Reyes (June 2018)