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All-New Alto G3 Power Pack for 47 & 48RE Transmissions

  • OD Direct
  • OD Brake
  • Forward
  • Direct 
  • Piston

Alto Red Eagle invented Performance material but G3™ revolutionized it. G3™ Friction Material is our highest energy material available. It was engineered to meet the demands of high horsepower diesel performance market.

The friction material is specially formulated with graphitic carbon-based particles for minimizing wear and maximizing heat resistance. G3™ is engineered to be the most durable product for high horsepower high torque applications.

G3™ clutches:

▪ Higher torque capacity
▪ Improved shift - less noise and lower vibration (NVH)
▪ Consistent performance despite vehicle use and driver style
▪ Higher Energy capacity
▪ Reduced clutch burn out

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Brand Randy's Transmissions
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