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47XHD Quad Disc Torque Converter - 35 Spline

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Core Charge: +$500

XHD Extreme Heavy Duty Quad Disc Converter for 47RE Transmissions.

Aggressive Lockup; for 800+HP Trucks

Requires 35 Spline Input

Two Stall Speeds Available

47XHD Quad Disc Converter for 48E Transmissions.

The 47XHD Quad Disc torque converter is specifically designed for higher horsepower trucks. It offers two stall options: Stock and High stalls. The Stock stall is great for everyday driving, while the High stall provides improved launch and acceleration for those seeking enhanced performance. It's a fantastic choice for truck enthusiasts looking to maximize their rigs power potential.

Aggressive Lockup; for 800+HP Trucks

Fits all years of 47RE transmissions.

Choose between Stock Stall (1800-2000 RPM) and High Stall (2400-2600 RPM) For Street and Track applications.

Made in Utah, USA

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Brand Randy's Transmissions
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