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68RFE Transmission Stage 2 Extreme

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Core Charge: +$2500

68RFE Transmission Stage 2 - 750HP Max


Stage 2 "Extreme" 750hp max

Our number  1  selling transmission

The Stage 2 68RFE is designed to handle up to 750 horsepower and deliver reliable performance for your high-powered Cummins. This transmission comes equipped with our triple disc converter and the Babymaker 1000 valve body, ensuring smooth and efficient operation even under the most demanding conditions.

The triple disc converter provides increased torque multiplication and improved lockup, while the Babymaker 1000 valve body delivers improved shifts and improved line pressure control which in turn gives better engagement. These features work together to deliver maximum power and torque to the wheels, giving you the performance you need.


  • Babymaker1000 valve body
  • billet accumulators and cover providing 3 additional bolts
  • HD billet channel plate
  • Transgo SSV valves
  • OE solenoid block
  • Revmax 700 input drum with custom overdrive stack out
    and custom clearances
  • 4c power-pack, 4 gpz clutches and custom pressure plate
  • 4c billet snap ring retainer
  • 2c power-packed with billet piston
  • TCS Low/Reverse Sprag update
  • HD Cast aluminum deep pan
  • Pumps are vacuum tested and repaired as required
  • PR valve, TCC limit valve, Pump bushing and new gears
    when warranted.
  • Billet input shaft
  • OE line pressure sensor
  • RANDY’S HD Billet triple lock torque converter
  • Bonded pistons
  • 14 L/R clutches
  • Bushings and Bearings are speced and replaced as
  • Steel spin on filter adapter
  • Tig welded Low Reverse planet


68RFE 2 Year unlimited mile limited warranty will not cover broken cases or shafts of transmission including the 4th clutch hub. Any tires larger than a 35” tire must have proper gearing or warranty will be voided. Vehicle owner is responsible for having proper transmission tuning as transmission failure due to lack of tuning or improper tuning will not be a covered failure. Abuse, misuse, or burn down due to operator error will void warranty. Any warranty work must be performed at Randy’s Transmissions in Tooele UT. It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to ship transmission or vehicle to Randy’s location for any and all repairs needing to be performed. Any repairs to transmission not authorized by Randy’s Transmissions will void warranty and will not be covered by Randy’s Transmissions.


Appropriate gear ratios

  • 35" tire min gearing is 3:73 recommended 4:10
  • 37" tire min gearing is 4:10 recommended 4:30
  • larger than that should be running a 4:56 ratio
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