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48RE Transmission Stage 4 1,000HP+ w/ Sonnax Oversized Input Shaft

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Core Charge: +$2000

Stage 4 48RE - 1000+HP

XHD Series Quad Disc Converter

03-07 5.9 Commonrail Cummins


  • XHD Series Quad Disc Converter - two stalls available: Stock (Tow/Daily 1800-2000 RPM) High (Street/Track 2400-2600 RPM)
  • GPZ or equivalent Clutches, New kolene steels
  • Power-packed overdrive with custom pressure plate
  • TCS Billet direct drum with powerpack
  • TCS super servo, Billet band strut, Billet wedge
  • Billet Accumulator
  • Billet 4.2 lever
  • Sonnax or equivalent Billet Input shaft “OVERSIZED”
  • Ridged 2ng gear band
  • H/D direct drum piston
  • Borg Warner Governor pressure solenoid
  • High pressure transducer
  • HD Cast aluminum deep pan
  • Billet maraging intermediate shaft
  • Big daddy output shaft
  • Custom high pressure valve body
  • PTFE coated thrust washers
  • Add full manual valve body +$399 includes billet reverse

This is the same transmission build that is in our 2006 Ram 3500 "Red Delicious"; which laid down 2,778HP on 8/26/2023
This transmission is also backing up Shawn Baca's "Master Shredder" and propelling it into a 8.8 second ¼ mile
run @157mph during the UCC.

And same internals as our record shattering run in the
Industrial Injection drag truck weighing in at 5445 pounds
on leafs running 8.07 @180mph during the UCC.
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1 Year 12,000 mile limited warranty will not cover broken cases or shafts of transmission. Abuse, misuse, or burn down due to operator error will void warranty. Any warranty work must be performed at Randy’s Transmissions in Tooele UT. It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to ship transmission or vehicle to Randy’s location for any and all repairs needing to be performed. Any repairs to transmission not authorized by Randy’s Transmissions will void warranty and will not be covered by Randy’s Transmissions.


Appropriate gear ratios

  • 35" tire min gearing is 3:73 recommended 4:10
  • 37" tire min gearing is 4:10 recommended 4:30
  • Larger than that should be running a 4:56 ratio