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Revmax 68RFE 300M OD Clutch Hub

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68RFE 300M One Piece FORGED Billet Overdrive Clutch Hub and Shaft Assembly

2007.5-2024 Dodge/Ram with 68RFE Transmission

The stock hub and shaft is made of 4130 steel. RevMax hot forged billet shaft is made of 4340M/300M steel. There is no comparison ins strength between the two metals. Please read the chart below to see for yourself. RevMax base material is nearly 100% stronger than that of the OEM base shaft. No hocus pocus cryogenic heat treat and shot peening process will get you anywhere near what our material difference does.


Material Tensile Strength Yield Strength
4130 Steel 97,200 PSI 63,100 PSI
4340/300M Steel 280,000 PSI 230,000 PSI
Strength Difference in % 96.92% 113.88%


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