Randys Transmissions is thrilled to announce that we are now the exclusive home for the new Alto G3 clutch power packs for the 47 & 48RE transmissions. This much needed product has been rigorously tested in our high-performance Cummins pickup, Red Delicious, which has impressively held over 3,000 horsepower!
The introduction of the Alto G3 clutch power packs sets a new bench mark for 47/48 performance- providing greater power transfer and enhanced durability. These clutches are designed to deliver optimal performance, making them an invaluable asset for both end users and transmission builders.
“We are excited to offer the Alto G3 clutches to our customers and to incorporate them into our 47 & 48RE transmission builds,” said Randy Reyes, Owner of Randys Transmissions. “Our testing in Red Delicious has demonstrated the exceptional capability of these clutches, and we are confident they will meet and exceed the demands of our customers high-performance applications.”
Moving forward, all 47 & 48RE transmission builds by Randys Transmissions will feature the Alto G3 clutches, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible performance and reliability.
For transmission shops and builders interested in stocking the Alto G3 clutch power packs, please contact our parts department at 435-228-6619, extension 2, or email parts@randys-transmissions.com.
Randys Transmissions Exclusive Distributor of New Alto G3 Clutch Power Packs for 47 & 48RE Transmissions